At Bluestones Staffing, we’re working to help the unemployed get the skills and opportunity to gain employment. Our unique training programme rebuilds confidence and delivers relevant essential skills qualifications that open greater opportunities in the employment sector. Building a partnership with clients is key to make this unique training proposition successful.

We understand the most valuable attributes that our partners seek in candidates are a desire to work and ambition to succeed – our unique training academy gives us the ability to source and upskill candidates who may otherwise not be considered for employment due to lack of relevant skills and qualifications, despite having these personal qualities, providing you with a talent pool which is unrivalled in the marketplace.

Working together with Inspire Business Centre, we can design and deliver a bespoke training programme built for your company needs, underpinned by awarding bodies including CILT, ILM and QualSafe. The bespoke training can be delivered through a blend of onsite experience in your environment and offsite classroom-based sessions, which ensure that staff can work effectively as part of a team, are health and safety qualified and understand your industry and their role within it.

Bluestones employ successful trainees directly, meaning that as a client you can avail of a highly skilled and managed outsourced workforce who can operate across the sector. This gives you the flexibility to increase and decrease your staffing levels to meet your business needs, without compromising on productivity and skill-set. We work with our staff to multi-skill them, ensuring that they have consistent employment whilst your business remains lean and adaptable with access to our skilled talent pool.

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