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Don’t be scared: Why newly trained staff are great

We know it can be scary to employ newly trained staff or qualified workers – are they up to the job? Do they have enough experience? But trust us, it doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience. The positives of bringing a newly trained or qualified candidate into your team far outweigh the negatives.

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Why it’s great to live and work in Northern Ireland

Obviously, we’re biased, but we think it’s great to live and work in Northern Ireland. Not only are the people brilliant (again, we’re biased!), but the job opportunities in the country are booming and it’s the “happiest place” to live in the UK.

This is why we think Northern Ireland is the best place to work and live.

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Benefits of working with small agencies

There are over 100 recruitment agencies in Northern Ireland, so for a company looking to pick an agency to help them with their staffing needs, it can be difficult to choose between the many options available. Is it better to go with a large-scale company or a boutique agency? Having worked in large and small companies, Bluestones Staffing Directors, Debbie McDermott and Kieran Allmark know that both small and large agencies have their advantages. “In our experience, clients often seek a mixture of smaller and larger agency suppliers for their business.” Debbie says, “This means that they can benefit from the strengths of both models, and ultimately it is up to the agency supplier to source the best candidates for them.” Just like David v Goliath though, sometimes small triumphs and comes out on top for clients.

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Bluestones Staffing and Lemis + partner

Specialist recruitment and training provider, Bluestones Staffing NI has launched a programme to help the unemployed back into work and combat the logistics driver shortage in Northern Ireland.

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Why should you attend a recruitment open day?

What’s the point in attending a recruitment open day, anyway? There are so many reasons why attending a recruitment open day is beneficial and could be the key to starting your new career.

People may see recruitment open days as a tool companies use to get as many applicants for a job as possible, but they are so much more than that and can be a positive experience for both the company and prospective candidates.

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Bluestones Staffing launches Warehouse Operative training programme

Bluestones Staffing has launched its unique 4-week training and employment programme in conjunction with The Department for the Economy.

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Exciting Training and Employment Programme now open

Bluestones Staffing NI has partnered with The Department for the Economy to provide specialised training designed to equip unemployed people with the skills needed to compete for new job opportunities.

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Top CV writing tips

When you come to write your CV or update an old one, it can be overwhelming. What should I include? How should I lay it out? What should I leave out? It doesn’t have to hard task though, there are some simple CV writing tips can you follow to ensure you are application ready.

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Celebrating the launch of Bluestones Staffing NI

Do you want to treat yourself to afternoon tea? How about wine and dine a loved one? You might get a chance to with our competition!

To celebrate the launch of Bluestones Staffing NI, we’re giving you the chance to WIN* a £50 gift card to spend as you please at La Mon Hotel and Country Club.

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EU suggests UK driving licences won’t be recognised after Brexit

Yesterday morning (Thursday 23rd February), the European Commission released a presentation that included the suggestion that after Brexit, UK driving licences won’t be recognised in the EU. This would also include the end of mutual recognition of vehicle registration documents and certificate of professional competence for drivers.

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